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Fashion Flash logoThis week Barbara of  The Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is now the Bone Health Ambassador  of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and she is getting us out there to exercise, one  set of bones at a time.  She is supportive and encouraging as she  drives home    her message that exercise is essential to good health.  Check out her site not  just for great exercise tips, but for information and advice that will motivate you.

Does This Make My  Assets Look Fat?

I tried them all.  I bought  Dummies guides to finance, subscribed to  the Wall Street Journal  and watched Jim Cramer nightly — and still nothing.  I hear the words, I’m pretty sure they are english and yet when I try to process the concepts into action…nothing.

Last month I sat in on a session on finance at the  She Did  It conference  sponsored by book cover of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?Better After 50.  The speaker, Susan Hirshman is  a personal  finance expert and author of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? ( St Martin’s Press).  Finally,  things started to make sense.  Ms Hirshman takes an unusual approach to explaining finance, creating parallels between dieting and investing.  After establishing the basics of sound financial planning, she breaks down the risks and benefits of different types of financial products.  From hedge funds to annuities to  mutual funds, Hirshman  helps you understand the pros and cons and  to pick the best personal options.

I laughed and winced at her profiles of different investment  personalities and I think I saw myself  in at least three of them–  Headline Hannah, Indecisive  Iris and a pinch of Anchored Annie.   Her five “D” chapter ( eg death, divorce, disability) is sobering but essential  and her chapter on estate planning should be required reading for anyone over 40. While   Does this Make My Assets Look Fat?  is not a beauty book, but  a healthy financial balance sheet is one of the most flattering accessories a women can  have.


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fashion flashThis week I  am so delighted  to introduce our newest Fashion Flash blogger– Barbara Hannah Gufferman, author  o f  The  Best of  Everything After 50.  In her blog with the same name, Barbara addresses a wide range of  issues that affect women over fifty including health, nutrition, career, fitness and sex.  In addition to her blog , she has a weekly front page column for both the Huffington Post and AARP and is Chief Pundit for Fabulous Over  50.  She is a sought after  TV expert and had been interviewed on the Today Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America.  A passionate supporter of  woman’s health, Barbara has recently been awarded the Generations of Strength  Award from the National Osteoporosis Foundation  for  her  advocacy and positive approach to healthy aging .In addition to her successful career in publishing, Barbara is a member of the World Congress LLP, an international conference company that focuses on the needs and projects of developing countries. 

A native New Yorker, Barbara  lives in  New York City with her husband, two teenage daughters and  Gunther  the Wonder Dog  who was rescued through the National Brittany Rescue Network. 

New Issue of the No-Nonsense Beauty Newsletter

The just published  winter issue of The No-Nonsense Beauty Newsletter includes a newwinter newsletter study  which shows that  for women a low fat diet does NOT reduce the risk  of heart disease.  For men, a low fat  diet does  seem to   to protect againt  heart attacks and strokes.   This is just another  indication that women’s health issues need  to be  approached and treated differently than for men.   Most  classic research studies had been done with  just male subjects and then the results  applied to women.  ( Whose bad idea was that?)  In addition  there are articles on the impact of Retin A on nails ( all good) and a comparison of home skin care devices that range for $20-$200.  Hint:  My new favorite costs $20.  You can sign up  for your free No-Nonsense Newsletter   on the right hand column.

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