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Big Girl Botox

I’ve already dipped my toe into Botox treatments with “baby botox” injections into the marionette lines on the sides of my mouth. I was very happy with the results, but not convinced that Botox could offer me more benefits. After all, my bangs hid any forehead wrinkles and I didn’t see crows feet at the corner of my eyes. But when Dr Marmur gently suggested that the Botox could make my eyes look bigger, I was in. First she had me make angry clenched faces to see where my muscles contracted. Then she pressed an ice bag against different areas of my face and injected selected areas. As before, I LOVED the feeling of relaxation that comes with Botox. In fact, I had been struggling with a headache for the past few days ( I get occasional migraines) and within seconds of the “tox shot” I could feel the pain totally fade away. Nice bonus.

It can take up to a week to see full results of the treatment, but I saw amazing changes within three days. I did not think that I had crows feet at the corners of my eyes, but I was looking in the mirror when my face was at rest. In the pre-shot photo (above), Dr Marmur had me smile and there they were, deep and numerous creases and wrinkles, also known as “crinkles” After Botox– no crinkles. (right)
I especially valued the fact that Dr Marmur did not point out all of my sags and wrinkles, but let me appraoch anti-aging at my own speed.
I also treated had the areas between my eyes and under my chin and will be sharing those results in the next few weeks.

The effects of Botox lasts 3-6 months. Its no surprise that good Botox results depend heavily on your doctor’s skills. Dr Marmur actually teaches physicians how to use Botox and fillers. One of the best ways to find a talented doctor is from recommendations of friends who have had good results. You can also check the credentials of a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who is offering anti-aging options. Look at their education ( medical school, post grad training), hospital affiliations and publications.


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