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Fashion Flash logoThis week Geri of Fab Over 50 is hosting  Fashion Flash.  There are literally  hundreds of blogs  online for women  but few  have  the informative and  interesting posts  that appear daily on Fab Over 50.   There are a platoon of experts that offer   cutting edge advice on a wide range of subjects including   cosmetic surgery women’s health, family dynamics and sexuality.  You can send in a question, any question and Fab Over 50  will get you an answer.  Cool.

The Green Beauty Guide

April is Environmental Awareness Month  and the perfect time to  take a look at  The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel.  I get many questions and  comments about  chemicals in skin and hair  products and  The Green Beauty Guide is filled with useful information on natural beauty care.

The book begins with  extensive background info on potential   hazards and toxins in commercial products such as DEA in shampoos and    petrochemicals in baby cleansers.   Gabriel also points out that some so-called green and/or green beauty products  can inadvertently contain toxins used in the manufacture of the products.   Scary stuff but  the  book just does not just raise problems, it offers solutions.

The Ten Commandments of Green Beauty

The author  raises  a lot of issues and offers  some pretty dense science, but  then puts her approach into an easy to understand  format with  ten green beauty rules.  These include a list of ingredients to avoid   ( eg caoal tar, phenols, phthalates, formaldehyde  and synthetic fragrances), avoiding celebrity endorsements and advice,  tossing  out products  when they pass their ” use before date”, and don’t overspend on skin and hair care.

I was esepcially impressed with her dozens of home recipes that used  organic yet inexpensive and readily available ingredients.  For example I I LOVED her green tea and lavandar cleansing powder that also  contained  vitamin C and a crushed aspirin tablet.  The green tea  provides world class antioxidants, the dried  lavendar is anti-inflammatory and the aspirin  contains salicylic acid which is  a super safe and effective exfoliator.  Brilliant.


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April 22 is Earth Day  which is a yearly reminder that this is the only world we have and need to take care of it.  Online or IRL there is a heavy buzz for green or environmentally concious products.  There is no shortage of opinions about the definition of “green” but the one that works for  me is simple– it should be as beneficial  for the planet as it is for you.

There are green options for practically every  product we use daily.  Recently I was sent  a new brand of skin skin products called Previse.  I usually don’t try out product lines but Dr Marmur ( my Dr Marmur,  is the medical advisor),  so I was in–  and its everything a green treatment line should be.

The green creds start with the packaging.  The bottles were protected with cornstarch peanuts  that decompose in water. ( By contrast, the half-life of the traditional styrofoam packaging material is more than 50 years.)  The tissue paper and the box were made from recycled materials and themselves recyclable. Even the  little sticker which closes the package is made from sustainable grasses and fibers.

Inside the box was a three step set of products  All  were free of phalates, parabens, harsh detergents,  petroleum by-products and pore- clogging silicones.   In short,  it excludes everything you really want to avoid. In thir place  are  botanicals like emolliant sunflower seed oil, anti-inflammatory green tea and water- holding honey.   Formulated with natural antioxidants they felt light and soothing  on my skin.

I usually avoid    fragrance in skin care, so I was very surprised how much I liked the super light  scent of Previse products.  Turns out that  they  are formulated  with aromatherapy principles using naturals like lavendar and YlangYlang to reduce anxietry and high blood pressure.  If you want to “green”  your beauty routinue Previse will show you how its done.

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