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Fashion Flash logoThis week Geri of Fab Over 50 is hosting  Fashion Flash.  There are literally  hundreds of blogs  online for women  but few  have  the informative and  interesting posts  that appear daily on Fab Over 50.   There are a platoon of experts that offer   cutting edge advice on a wide range of subjects including   cosmetic surgery women’s health, family dynamics and sexuality.  You can send in a question, any question and Fab Over 50  will get you an answer.  Cool.

The Green Beauty Guide

April is Environmental Awareness Month  and the perfect time to  take a look at  The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel.  I get many questions and  comments about  chemicals in skin and hair  products and  The Green Beauty Guide is filled with useful information on natural beauty care.

The book begins with  extensive background info on potential   hazards and toxins in commercial products such as DEA in shampoos and    petrochemicals in baby cleansers.   Gabriel also points out that some so-called green and/or green beauty products  can inadvertently contain toxins used in the manufacture of the products.   Scary stuff but  the  book just does not just raise problems, it offers solutions.

The Ten Commandments of Green Beauty

The author  raises  a lot of issues and offers  some pretty dense science, but  then puts her approach into an easy to understand  format with  ten green beauty rules.  These include a list of ingredients to avoid   ( eg caoal tar, phenols, phthalates, formaldehyde  and synthetic fragrances), avoiding celebrity endorsements and advice,  tossing  out products  when they pass their ” use before date”, and don’t overspend on skin and hair care.

I was esepcially impressed with her dozens of home recipes that used  organic yet inexpensive and readily available ingredients.  For example I I LOVED her green tea and lavandar cleansing powder that also  contained  vitamin C and a crushed aspirin tablet.  The green tea  provides world class antioxidants, the dried  lavendar is anti-inflammatory and the aspirin  contains salicylic acid which is  a super safe and effective exfoliator.  Brilliant.


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I’ve been getting some pushback from blog visitors who are getting annoyed with the price tag on the  products and techniques I am recommending– and they’re right.

This is no time to throw money around.  To lower  overall beauty costs, effective and super affordable personal care products  can be  made  in your own kitchen.  Natural ingredients like lemon juice, honey and oatmeal are packed with active agents including fruit acids, antioxidants and soothing colloids. 

But before you squeeze a  single lemon or crack an egg,  you need to organize your kitchen cosmetic set-up. While the basic rules of simple cooking apply to homemade skin care formulations, these freshly made products are preservative free.  This  definately lowers  our exposure to chemicals, but  it can raise  risk of bacterial contamination.  To stay safe take these prep rules seriously:

Kitchen Cosmetics Road Rules

* Wash down your work area with a disinfectant wipe and dry with a disposable paper towel.

* Wash hands with soap and water.

* Wash your work bowls, measuring spoons and cups, stirring spoons and jars for storage in  a diswasher or boil for 5 minutes in a large pot of water.

* Wash all fresh fruits and veggies in hot water before using in beauty care products.

* Store your homemade products  in clean jar with a tight lid and keep in the frig.

* Label and date all jars.

* Don’t dip your fingers in the jar.  Use a spoon or butter knife to take out what you need.

* Check the date on any product before you use it.

* Discard within a week.

Here are two of my favorite all natural skin care produts:

Creamy Milk Mask for Dry Skin

Ingredients:  1 tablespoon organic yogurt or buttermilk, 1 tablespoon powdered  milk, 4 drops of olive oil

Steps:  Combine all ingredients.  Apply to the face and  allow  masks to dry and harden for 20 minutes.  Rinse off with cool water.

The yogurt, powdered milk or buttermilk are rich in lactic  acid  that can exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells and encourage growth of healthy  fresh skin.

Roman Nail Soak

Ingredients:  1 cup crushed organic tomates, 2 teaspoon olive oil, 2 teaspoons white wine ( but  no garlic)

Steps:  Combine all ingredients.  Divide mixture into two small bowls and soak nails for 20  minutes.  Rinse off, rubbing cuticles with a dry washcloth. 

The tomates are a great source of  lactic acid AND vitamin C  which is a powerful antioxidant and essential for healthy collagen.

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