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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Deb of Fabulous After 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.   There is certainly no shortage of fashion experts out there, but IMO   Fabulous After 40 has the best insight into   over 40  style.  It looks at  new trends and then adapts them to the bodies and lifestyles of  real women .  Its not just that our bodies are changing, but our lives as well.  So  much of the stuff you see in stores is for  for clubbing, sports and dating.  When you are are trying to  figure out what to wear to your son’s college graduation or  your daughter’s wedding, the options are slim.   Fabulous After  Forty is my roadmap to style and style choices,  and I always check it out before going shopping.

 I have spent most of my professional life as a health and beauty writer.  I loved gathering  accurate information and sharing it in a timely  helpful lifestyle book.  But over the last  few years, publishing  became less and less interested in this type of book unless the author had a celebrity platform. I was asked to ghost some of these books and the process was not Magic of Facial Exercise book coverpleasant.  I decided to start publishing  my own lifestyle e-books and   this week I am so delighted to announce the publication of the  first e-book from Chase Communications– The Magic of Facial Exercise by Cynthia Rowland. Its available on Kindle Select and on May 7-9  you can download it  for free at http://www.amazon.com/The-Magic-Facial-Exercise-ebook/dp/B00C33WJ7E/.

The Magic of Facial Exercise is an introduction to the power of isometric training to reshape the face.  Rather than just a book of exercises, it is an in-depth guide to the science of  facial aging.  The Magic of Facial Exercise looks at what is behind sings of  aging  such as crows feet and  double chin and explains exactly which muscle groups  need some TLC.  

Cynthia Rowland is a widely redognized fitness and beauty expert.  Creator of the Facial Magic System  she has been on  the Today Show, The View, The Rachel Ray Show as well as on QVC and HSN.  More than 1,00,000 men and women in more than 40 countries are fans of the Facial Magic System.

I am working with terrific experts  on several new e-book  projects including  a  beauty guide for blondes, an amazingly effective diet based on science rather than science fiction and  the first  book on anti-aging smile makeovers.  Producing  beautiful professional e-books turned out to be a lot harder than it looked, but I’m having the time of my life. If you have an ideas for books you would like to see or an idea for a book you would like to do,  I’d love to hear from you.


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