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Fashion Flash logoThis week Barbara of  The Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is now the Bone Health Ambassador  of the National Osteoporosis Foundation and she is getting us out there to exercise, one  set of bones at a time.  She is supportive and encouraging as she  drives home    her message that exercise is essential to good health.  Check out her site not  just for great exercise tips, but for information and advice that will motivate you.

Does This Make My  Assets Look Fat?

I tried them all.  I bought  Dummies guides to finance, subscribed to  the Wall Street Journal  and watched Jim Cramer nightly — and still nothing.  I hear the words, I’m pretty sure they are english and yet when I try to process the concepts into action…nothing.

Last month I sat in on a session on finance at the  She Did  It conference  sponsored by book cover of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?Better After 50.  The speaker, Susan Hirshman is  a personal  finance expert and author of Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? ( St Martin’s Press).  Finally,  things started to make sense.  Ms Hirshman takes an unusual approach to explaining finance, creating parallels between dieting and investing.  After establishing the basics of sound financial planning, she breaks down the risks and benefits of different types of financial products.  From hedge funds to annuities to  mutual funds, Hirshman  helps you understand the pros and cons and  to pick the best personal options.

I laughed and winced at her profiles of different investment  personalities and I think I saw myself  in at least three of them–  Headline Hannah, Indecisive  Iris and a pinch of Anchored Annie.   Her five “D” chapter ( eg death, divorce, disability) is sobering but essential  and her chapter on estate planning should be required reading for anyone over 40. While   Does this Make My Assets Look Fat?  is not a beauty book, but  a healthy financial balance sheet is one of the most flattering accessories a women can  have.


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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Deb of Fabulous After 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.   There is certainly no shortage of fashion experts out there, but IMO   Fabulous After 40 has the best insight into   over 40  style.  It looks at  new trends and then adapts them to the bodies and lifestyles of  real women .  Its not just that our bodies are changing, but our lives as well.  So  much of the stuff you see in stores is for  for clubbing, sports and dating.  When you are are trying to  figure out what to wear to your son’s college graduation or  your daughter’s wedding, the options are slim.   Fabulous After  Forty is my roadmap to style and style choices,  and I always check it out before going shopping.

 I have spent most of my professional life as a health and beauty writer.  I loved gathering  accurate information and sharing it in a timely  helpful lifestyle book.  But over the last  few years, publishing  became less and less interested in this type of book unless the author had a celebrity platform. I was asked to ghost some of these books and the process was not Magic of Facial Exercise book coverpleasant.  I decided to start publishing  my own lifestyle e-books and   this week I am so delighted to announce the publication of the  first e-book from Chase Communications– The Magic of Facial Exercise by Cynthia Rowland. Its available on Kindle Select and on May 7-9  you can download it  for free at http://www.amazon.com/The-Magic-Facial-Exercise-ebook/dp/B00C33WJ7E/.

The Magic of Facial Exercise is an introduction to the power of isometric training to reshape the face.  Rather than just a book of exercises, it is an in-depth guide to the science of  facial aging.  The Magic of Facial Exercise looks at what is behind sings of  aging  such as crows feet and  double chin and explains exactly which muscle groups  need some TLC.  

Cynthia Rowland is a widely redognized fitness and beauty expert.  Creator of the Facial Magic System  she has been on  the Today Show, The View, The Rachel Ray Show as well as on QVC and HSN.  More than 1,00,000 men and women in more than 40 countries are fans of the Facial Magic System.

I am working with terrific experts  on several new e-book  projects including  a  beauty guide for blondes, an amazingly effective diet based on science rather than science fiction and  the first  book on anti-aging smile makeovers.  Producing  beautiful professional e-books turned out to be a lot harder than it looked, but I’m having the time of my life. If you have an ideas for books you would like to see or an idea for a book you would like to do,  I’d love to hear from you.

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Fashion Flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of the best beauty journalists I have ever met.  We can go to the same conference and she will find great  new products and  experts, that never  made  it on my radar.  In fact Jackie introduced  me to two of  my new favorite skin care products– Brush on Sunblock and microfiber  cleansing cloths.  She  also spots trends  months before the rest of us and if you want to read it first, be sure to check out Aging Backwards.

Free Make-up Master Class

Last week I went to a work-shop by master make-up artist Francisco Valera, hosted by Marmur Medical in New York City.  You’ve seen his work in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Marie Claire and Elle and his clients include  Christy Turlington, Kate Moss,Giselle and Sandra Bullock. 

Francisco ( just first name, like Cher or Madonna) used techniques  that I’ve never seen before.  He started by applying a dab of Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden to the lips.  Fransisco and modelAlthough he  does the lips last, he wanted  to give  the cream time to hydrate the often  dry skin on the lips.   I was fascinated as he used three different shades of the same  cream foundation to cover redness, add light and create definition.

For a daytime  look, he brushed  champagne beige eye shadow on the lids.  Then he mixed the same eight hour cream with a cherry red Chanel lipstick to  produce a translucent yet intense lip color.  To switch to  a party look, Francicso created a delicate smoky eye and “took down”  lip color to a softer neutral beige.  Watching Francisco work, I could see why Christy, Kate and Sandra look so good.

Marmur Medical will be holding a second make-up master class on May 9 2013.  From 5:30-7:00, Francisco  will share the secrets of supermodel beauty and you will go home  with both great knowledge and a great goody bag. To reserve a  seat,  RSVP to Marie.Lum@marmurmedical.com. I’ll be going back  for another session and I hope to see you there.

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Fashion Flash logoThis week Mirabai  of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash. The spring weather is making  me want to get out and move again and I’m inspired by Mirabai’s exercise DVD’s shot  on the beach or in the mountains of Colorado.  She makes it look so  easy  and fun that  I actually went out and bought a new pair of running shoes. 

The Cheap Date Guide to Style  

Like most of us, I started my fashion journey  around age 13 when I was allowed for the first time to go shopping with a friend, rather than Mom.  And for most of these years, I wanted not so much to stand  out as  to  be appropriate.  I’ve pretty much achieved my goal and now  feel confident that I will be neither  over or underdressed for  all occasions.  I look  fine,  but not especially  interesting.  I’ve been wanting to crank up my style a bit, but not so much  that   Seth Cohen of Advanceed Style would  pick me out of a crowd.  When I found a copy of   The Cheap Date Guide to Style  by Kira Jolliffe  and Bay Garnett, I felt I found  a source of fashion tips to CHEAP DATEtake me where I wanted to go.

The authors are the founders of a uber hip UK  mag called Cheap Date.  The book  is done in a magazine style   of call-outs, photos  and boxes that  make you smile and nod– “oh that’s how its done”.  Cheap Date  gets its fashion inspiration from  a diverse  group of icons including Kate Moss, CHanel, Zac Posen, Jeanne Moreau  and Keith Richards.I love the lists in Cheap Date  and I think my favorite is the list of five dresses every woman should own:

* relaxed jersey

*flowery vintage

*classic black

*wrap around

* djellaba

With sandels in summer and boots plus an over coat in winter, you’re ready for anything.

Other super easy tips for adding a bit of style include scrunching up  your sleeves, adding a monogram somewhere, and tipping on a beret .   Adding a pair of Ray Bans  pulls it all together. Now this is fashion advice I can actually follow.

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Fashion Flash logoThis week Kari of Fab Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash.  This  gorgeous site is packed with on point beauty, fashion and fitness information.  This week it includes  an interview with  Bobbi Brown on make-up for women over 50,  a preview of the Estee Lauder Mad Men collection and  and up  close and personal view of the Nude Collection from Dior.  Don’t miss it.

I don’t usually review  random  products, but when Aveeno  offered  me samples of their new skin care options, I couldn’t say no.  Aveeno is one of my favorite brands  and  some of their products are constants in my Beauty Tool Kit.   There is  an ocean of products  out there, but Aveeno usually rise to the top.  

When I got the package from Aveeno, I saw that I  had already reccommended  the Clear Complexion SPF30  BB aveenoCream and The Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer  with feverfew  has been my go-to sunscreen/moisturizer and a star in my Beauty Tool kit.  But there  were new products too, and I was  impressed  with the  real thought and talent that went into them.  

The big green jar of Clear Complexion  Cleansing pads contain  a bit of  salicylic acid to deal with excess oil  and dead skin cells, while the pad itself  offers gentle exfoliation.  This is the perfect  cleanser to use if you are using  an anti-aging vitamin C serum.  It is also a great choice for normal or slightly oily skin.  Its a big jar, but I made space on my already crowded  beauty  shelves for  this well designed  cleanser.  

I am very very picky about wipes that remove  make-up.  Some  are way too oily  while others seem to be drenched in fragrance.   I am  loyal to the Almay Oil-Free Eyemake-up Remover Pads, but  now I’m also  a big   fan of  the Aveeno Ultra Calming Make-up Removing Wipes.  They  have  a  nice big wipe that does a beautiful job of  lifting  make-up that  leaves my skin feeling so comfortable.    If you are  too tired to wash your face before going to bed, keep a package of these wipe by your bedside.  Just  a few swipes as you fall into bed will  give your skin a clean, healthy night. 

The  Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser is an elegant alternative to Cetaphil  and perfect   to use when you are using Retin A.  I tend to stop using Retin A in sunny weather, but in the fall,  this cleanser will have a spot on my sink.   The Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer  is  just brilliant in concept.  I get so many  questions about the best moisturizer to use  when dealing with acne, and now I finally have an answer.  What makes  this  moisturizer a rock star, is the addition of  salicylic acid and soy complex.  The former is a world  class acne fighter  while the later is  a super soother.  To bottom line it, you get  anti-inflammatory breakout protection even while there are moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin fresh and  soft.   I love  this type  of smart, simple  solution.

There are soooo many products out there that make inflated  promises and  just don’t work at all.  Its nice to be able to give a shout -out to those that deliver real  value.

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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  Exercise is important all  year round, but I  think   March  is when excercise needs meet a critical mass.  Cold weather  and  hearty  comfort  foods  make winter weight gain almost inevitable.  But March means that  its soon going to be time to  peel off those  weight conceling  layers of clothing.  What I  love best about Shawna is that  she shares  fitness success stories of real women.  If they can, do it so can I .  Female Fitness After 40 is   such a relief from the celebrity fitness concpet   eg Gweneth Paltrow whose 2% body weight and highly restrictive  diet is  much more entertainment than  advice. 

I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This– Success Secrets  Every Gutsy Girl Should Know

Kate White is something of a legend in new York publishing.   In an industry where most of us struggle  just to get a foothold, she has been editor in chief of five major magazines.  She took over the top spot as Cosmopolitan, replacing the iconic Helen Gurley Brown and over the next 14 years  kept Cosmo brand  moving forward.   In addition  to a great marriage, two children, she has also written  8 best selling thrillers. KATE WHITE BOOK

When most successful women are asked for their career advice, they usually thank their mom, a second grade teacher or  pointedly  state that they worked very very hard.  (  As if the rest of us  are  slackers).  Not Kate White.  Clear, frank and forthright,  she shares her real tips  for getting the career you want in an increasingly crowded and difficult work environment. In  her  new book  ” I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This” , Ms  White provides real time advice  that a women needs to hear. For example, in a meeting,   most women apologize or rationalize  when they offer ideas.  Instead, start off  with the words–” here’s a thought…”   You should confident, but not arrogant and people  will not only listen,  the credit naturally goes to you.

Her rules for networking  are so good I was tempted to jot them down on an index card for my next  event.  For example, I followed her advice, not only  to join every important professional meeting  in  my field, but to actually  to get out there and attend their events.  Once you get there she   provides dozens  of easy to follow dozens conversational tools  and techniques.  

I’m a natural introvert and  her advice is transformational.  I’m given  many books and most of then I give away when I’m done.   Not only is ” I  Shouldn’t Be telling You This” a keeper, its  my birthday gift of the year  to my smart, talented friends.  So much better than another a scarf or  pair  of gloves.

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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  If you’re  looking for a new  beauty care  product, check it out first on Prime Beauty. Through Cindy   I’ve discovered beauty products  like  eyeliners that  I can actually use,  a new favorite fragrance  and blush that looks as good on my cheek  as it does  in the package.

About Face ( Seal Press)

There is a double standard  about a woman’s appearance.  On the one hand, the media seems to  obsessed with every detail of style icons  like Kim Kardashian, Byonce and Kate Moss.   Women like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Former Secretary of  State  Hillary Clinton  and  singing sensation Susan ABOUT  FACEBoyle are mocked  for their  hairstyles,  waist size and  fashion choices.  But when women, especially over 40,  show interest in skin care and style, they are labeled as vain and foolish.

About Face  edited by Anne Burt,  is a great collection of personal essays on beauty and appearance by 23  accomplished artists and writers.   The book starts with an introduction by  Bobbi Brown,  internationally  reknowned   make-up artist  and creator of  her own make-up line.   She writes movingly about growing up short and dark haired in an era where tall blonds  like Cheryl Tiegs and Christie Brinkley were the  prevailing beauty standards– and how she has sought  to help women   define their own unique beauty qualities.  While  the tall blond thing is   still totally out there, her line of neutral make-up   freed women from the candy colored makeup that had been  the standard cosmetic lines.

The authors of the essays range from early twenties to  Alix Kate Schulman, author of  “Memoirs of  an Ex-Prom Queen” who is now in her late seventies.  These well -written pieces include   exploration of  racial identification, the image of aging  on a mother’s face and  the role of men and love  in establishing a comfortable  self image. ,   Many of the essays struggle with reconciling  feminism and vanity. The conclusion?  You can   still keep   your feminine credentials  if you use make-up  and get regular blow-outs.  Good to know.

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