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Fashion Flash logoI’m so delighted to be  hosting Fashion Flash this week.  Our Glam Squad of bloggers have  outdone themselves with posts that range from exercises to improve your golf score , how to lower your skin cancer risk   and a   game plan for  wearing  the uber popular, eye searing  NEON  colors over forty.

* Cindy of Prime Beauty points out that aging doesn’t only show on our faces, our hair is feeling the years too.   She profiles Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Care  line that helps fight eight visible signs of aging

* May is  Skin Cancer Awareness Month  and Kari of Fab Over 40  interviews  Dr Piasecki of the Skin Cancer Center on the best ways  to protect your skin from cancer causing UV rays.  Read this timely and important  post at http://www.faboverforty.com/skincare/skin-cancer-center-the-doctor-will-now-see-you/

* Its bold, its electric but can a mature woman wear it?  Find out what style expert Deborah Boland has to say about how to wea those bright green, pink or orange  neon colors at Fabulous After 40.

* Looking for warm weather fashion inspiration?   Jackie from Aging Backwards shares her shopping experience at  Coldwater Creek Store.

* Jane Seymour is upbeat and unstoppable.  Check out our one-on-one interview with her at Fab Over Fifty

* Barbara at Best of Everything After Fifty is fuming mad and  wants to know when the media will get the message that women don’t have to be  thin, young, and perfectly gorgeous  to be beautiful, powerful and strong!

*   Menopausal?  Confused about management options?  72% of women have not received any treatment of menopausal symptoms.  Staness of Menopause Makeover  tells you how to find reliable information online.

Jodell of Black Cat  Plus  doesn’t understand   how its acceptable for a major retailer not  to carry plus size clothing when plus size  men and women make up almost  70% of the market.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  shares  easy and fun “prehab” exercises to get  yourself ready for the golf season.

Get ready for summer with our Glam Squad  line-up of great posts.  As Helena Rubinstein famously once  said ” There are no  unattractive women, only lazy ones”


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FF1This week the  Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash.  Check out their new feature  where they post a fashion  challenge and ask readers to send in their own  suggestions.  Awesome!  Its wonderful to  see great photos of real women  wearing real clothes.  This week they are looking at holiday dressing, something that  I have found increasingly challenging as decades go by. When I was a very  young mom, I felt great in  fashion forward looks.  For one New Year’s party I can’t foget a certain purple velvet bell bottom pants and long vest. And  I topped this  look off by a pixie haircut and a long string of beads.  But as time went  by, I turned to black  as a safety net  with a little black dress, black pants suit,   or just black pants and sweater– what the Glam Gals call  ABD– Abundant Black Disorder  This year with their help, I rocked a silver sweater over black pants at a Media Mavens  meet-up in a local bar and if I don’t lose my nerve, I going to wear  a pair of gold print   “party pants” to a  Secret Santa  party.   

And speaking of   black clothing, I little book caught my eye as I was walking through StrandDRESS DIET bookstore.  There are  truck loads  of diet books out there, but  The Little Black Dress Diet captured my imagination.  Written by  UK specialist in complementary medicine, Michael Van Straten,  this little book offers several short term menu plans to  erase  holiday bloat and  weight gain.  What I liked about all  the three little menus was their simplicity.  They recommended real food that was  easy to find and affordable.  Too many diet  plans are soooo complicated .  They have elaborate spread sheets on  exercise, meditation, nutritional supplements,  juice combos and menus that would take up most of my day.    By contrast, The Little Black Dress Diet  has the same practical simplicity of a  LBD.   Breakfast is yogurt and a banana, lunch a bowl of vegetable soup and dinner a plate of chicken, rice and vegetables.  After New Year’s I’m committed to trying  the LBD Detox  plan.

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This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She recently  threw down a challenge to  the  rest of rest of us to join her in a structured fitness program.  Jojami  of Fabulous After 40  took  it on and  has posted a video clip  of her progress.  We were together at Beauty Bash and she looked  amazing. But  even more impresive was her stamina.   After six hours   on her feet at the Fabulous After 40 booth, she was still bright and bubbly– and in  4 inch heels!  

And when you have  checked out all the linked posts on Fashion Flash, go back to Fabulous After 40  and click  on The Ultimate Cure for the Dysfunctional Closet DVD from Jojami.  I thought I had my clothes under control, but  Jojami is a closet grand master.  She takes you through   cleaning out  the content,  buying the right tools, and how to put  it all back.  The Ultimate Cure for the Dysfunctional Closet is an extremely well done video– funny, well edited and with great energy.  I’m not surprised since   Jojami has been connected to  media since childhood.  Her  dad is actor James Best  who was a fixture  on TV westerns in the fifties and on The Dukes of Hazzard.

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This weeks hosts are Fashion Flash founders The Glam  Gals of  Fabulous After 40.  I love to read their blog at the start  of each season to give me a cheat sheet on how a women over 40 can master  trends.  They decode the new ideas and then  explain how to use them in real time.  For example, plaids are  going to be  huge this year, but a grandma in a plaid mini skirt in not my idea of chic.  You’ve got to read Fabulous Over Forty to see  what smart ideas they have  for plaid.

And when you’ve clicked through all the great Fashion Flash  sites, please stop on Fab Over Fifty to grab a ticket for Beauty Bash.  Held on Oct 1&2 at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 West 18th St, this is an incredible  health and beauty  expo that celebrates women over 40.  On Sunday Oct 2, at 10:30  I will be doing a presentation with Kari of Fabulous Over Forty called “Top Ten Skin Care and Make-up Tips.”  I will be explaining the twelve signs of aging and how to deal with  them easily and affordably.  I’ll also be giving out samples of,  IMO, the two most important  anti-aging  items  we should have on hand.  If you can’t make the presentation, I will be at  a booth with Kari handing out the No-Nonsense Guide to Retin A and will have  more samples.  Please come by to say hello!  If you go to  the Beauty Bash site  and enter the code FOF20, you will get a 20% discount on the ticket price!

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This week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is the host of Fashion Flash.  I love the way this site drills down to every  question to arrive at the best answers.  From the pros and cons  of sheer hose to the best way to rock black denim, Black Cat Plus offers real time  fashion  help. And while you’re online I would check out  Kari at Fabulous Over Forty.  She recently uploaded an amazing video that demonstrated a home laser that has been shown to reduce wrinkles. At Fabulous Over Fifty, there is a great story on common items like perfume and cells phones   that can drain  your energy.   And over the incredibly rainy Sunday, I browsed   fashion advice from The Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 before staring  my fall shopping.

And when you’ve finished exploring  fashion and beauty options, take a look at Cinch! by Cynthia Sass. While this best sellling diet  book  has the usual nutritional info and  healthy recipes, it is its unique approach to the lifestyle habits that sabatoge many  diets that earned this book a place on my shelves.  For example,  we all know that we should eat 5-7 servings of fruits and veggies a day– but rarely seem to manage more than 1-2.  Sass, a registered  dietitian, describes three different  plans for getting in those anti-aging food choices.  Its been so helpful to me to see these mealplans.  I copied this info on two cards.  One I put on the frig and the other I carry in my wallet.  Now  when I reach for something to eat  I check the meal plans to  steer me  to the healthiest choices.  Its been part of  an adjustment in my relationship to food that’s helped me  this year to drop from size 14 to size 8.

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Today the  Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash. They recently posted a great article on how boomers can   wear the new sheer styles that are so popular this summer.  Now I get it!  When I saw them in stores, I passed them by without a second  thought.  With Jojami and Deborah’s style eye, I  now see how well they can work for me, especially for travel and summer restaurant dinners.

And now that the sun  has returned, please remember that  90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure.  The best way  to reverse  sun damge is with Retin A and  if you “like”  me on Facebook, you can download a  free copy of my guide to using Retin A.  Called Retin A Road Rules, it explains  how it works, the different types and strengths, and signs that its time to  start using it.

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Its Fashion Flash  Monday and the host is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Read her post on Yoga to learn  how to integreate this elegant execise into your life  and understand  the benefits you can expect.  Yoga is considered the”beauty exercise”  because  the movements are fluid  and gentle– no straining  and grimacing involved.  In fact according to Dr Ellen Marmur of Mount Sinai,  the effort  of weight bearing exercises make us contract  the muscles in our face that over time  can contribute to wrinkling. With yoga  your face  is serene as your spirit. 

After you’ve  clicked through our other fashion and beauty blogs check out  Simple Skin Beauty, a  great beauty book  from Dr Marmur.  It’s my #1 go to reference  on all things skin.  Simple Skin Beauty is written  in a clear friendly tone.  It breaks down  complicated scientific info into facts you can use in daily skin care.  Dr Marmur is a  beautiful40 year old Mom with four children– and she looks  about 27.   She totally gets our needs for beauty care  despite  both time and budget issues.  For example, while  most  beauty routinues call for a multi-step  nighttime care, Dr Marmur  knows that after putting four kids to bed, the las thing you want is a complicated  program.  Her solution? Swipe your skin with alcohol-free baby wipes to remove  make-up, dirt and oil.   Done.

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