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Fashion Flash logoI’m so delighted to be  hosting Fashion Flash this week.  Our Glam Squad of bloggers have  outdone themselves with posts that range from exercises to improve your golf score , how to lower your skin cancer risk   and a   game plan for  wearing  the uber popular, eye searing  NEON  colors over forty.

* Cindy of Prime Beauty points out that aging doesn’t only show on our faces, our hair is feeling the years too.   She profiles Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Care  line that helps fight eight visible signs of aging

* May is  Skin Cancer Awareness Month  and Kari of Fab Over 40  interviews  Dr Piasecki of the Skin Cancer Center on the best ways  to protect your skin from cancer causing UV rays.  Read this timely and important  post at http://www.faboverforty.com/skincare/skin-cancer-center-the-doctor-will-now-see-you/

* Its bold, its electric but can a mature woman wear it?  Find out what style expert Deborah Boland has to say about how to wea those bright green, pink or orange  neon colors at Fabulous After 40.

* Looking for warm weather fashion inspiration?   Jackie from Aging Backwards shares her shopping experience at  Coldwater Creek Store.

* Jane Seymour is upbeat and unstoppable.  Check out our one-on-one interview with her at Fab Over Fifty

* Barbara at Best of Everything After Fifty is fuming mad and  wants to know when the media will get the message that women don’t have to be  thin, young, and perfectly gorgeous  to be beautiful, powerful and strong!

*   Menopausal?  Confused about management options?  72% of women have not received any treatment of menopausal symptoms.  Staness of Menopause Makeover  tells you how to find reliable information online.

Jodell of Black Cat  Plus  doesn’t understand   how its acceptable for a major retailer not  to carry plus size clothing when plus size  men and women make up almost  70% of the market.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  shares  easy and fun “prehab” exercises to get  yourself ready for the golf season.

Get ready for summer with our Glam Squad  line-up of great posts.  As Helena Rubinstein famously once  said ” There are no  unattractive women, only lazy ones”


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Fashion Flash logoThis week Kari of Fab Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash.  This  gorgeous site is packed with on point beauty, fashion and fitness information.  This week it includes  an interview with  Bobbi Brown on make-up for women over 50,  a preview of the Estee Lauder Mad Men collection and  and up  close and personal view of the Nude Collection from Dior.  Don’t miss it.

I don’t usually review  random  products, but when Aveeno  offered  me samples of their new skin care options, I couldn’t say no.  Aveeno is one of my favorite brands  and  some of their products are constants in my Beauty Tool Kit.   There is  an ocean of products  out there, but Aveeno usually rise to the top.  

When I got the package from Aveeno, I saw that I  had already reccommended  the Clear Complexion SPF30  BB aveenoCream and The Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer  with feverfew  has been my go-to sunscreen/moisturizer and a star in my Beauty Tool kit.  But there  were new products too, and I was  impressed  with the  real thought and talent that went into them.  

The big green jar of Clear Complexion  Cleansing pads contain  a bit of  salicylic acid to deal with excess oil  and dead skin cells, while the pad itself  offers gentle exfoliation.  This is the perfect  cleanser to use if you are using  an anti-aging vitamin C serum.  It is also a great choice for normal or slightly oily skin.  Its a big jar, but I made space on my already crowded  beauty  shelves for  this well designed  cleanser.  

I am very very picky about wipes that remove  make-up.  Some  are way too oily  while others seem to be drenched in fragrance.   I am  loyal to the Almay Oil-Free Eyemake-up Remover Pads, but  now I’m also  a big   fan of  the Aveeno Ultra Calming Make-up Removing Wipes.  They  have  a  nice big wipe that does a beautiful job of  lifting  make-up that  leaves my skin feeling so comfortable.    If you are  too tired to wash your face before going to bed, keep a package of these wipe by your bedside.  Just  a few swipes as you fall into bed will  give your skin a clean, healthy night. 

The  Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser is an elegant alternative to Cetaphil  and perfect   to use when you are using Retin A.  I tend to stop using Retin A in sunny weather, but in the fall,  this cleanser will have a spot on my sink.   The Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer  is  just brilliant in concept.  I get so many  questions about the best moisturizer to use  when dealing with acne, and now I finally have an answer.  What makes  this  moisturizer a rock star, is the addition of  salicylic acid and soy complex.  The former is a world  class acne fighter  while the later is  a super soother.  To bottom line it, you get  anti-inflammatory breakout protection even while there are moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin fresh and  soft.   I love  this type  of smart, simple  solution.

There are soooo many products out there that make inflated  promises and  just don’t work at all.  Its nice to be able to give a shout -out to those that deliver real  value.

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This week, Cindy of  Prime Beauty  is hosting Fashion Flash.   I am in the middle of  Budget Beauty series so I’ve become a huge fan of  Prime Beauty’s Frugal Friday feature.  This week she  featured a tempting palatte  of eye shadows made even more tempting at half price.   Cindy has also started to feature great holiday gift sets including  Kiehls’s Creme de Corps Holiday Collection with 100% of sales going to children’s causes around the world and Tarte Baby it Bold Outside   blush or lip gloss  sets. 

IMO Prime Beauty  has  awesome recommendations for fragrances.   On her recommendations  I have tried ( and loved) new brands and old favorites  like Jo Malone and Anik.  I also rely on Cindy for eval of hair products.  I can decode a wall full of moisturizers, when it comes to   hair products, I freeze.  Prime Beauty provides  need to  know info  on shampoos and styling mousee that has helped me get the look  I was looking for.

 Every year along with pumpkins and football, colds, sore throats and bronchitis arrive in every household.  Americans suffer 1 million colds each year and we spend $5 billion on cough and sniffles remedies.  Influenza, colds evil twin, affects up to 10 million Americans, puts 200,000 in the hospital and is fatal to 20,000 adults and children.

The Good Doctors Guide to Colds  and Flu ( Harper) by Dr Neil Schachter provides the information you need to stay healthy all winter including:

* The surprising reason why women get more colds

* Why using your own pen decresing  chance of  respiratory infections

* Three signs that its time to call a doctor immediately

* Is it safe to exercise  with a fever

The author is Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy. Neil Schachter also my husband, but its not nepotism– its  just a great book for this time of year.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and  many of our great Fashion Flash posts  deal with this  critical health issue for women:

* What can you do to lower your breast cancer risk for breast cancer? Menopause Makeover has ten tips that could change your life!  With early detection the 5-year survival rate is 98%.

* Here’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month collaboration to smile about.  Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards.com has uncovered a great buy on a product everyone needs  to give back- a win/win.

* How do I get back in shape after cancer treatment?  Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai answers the question.

* What is the hottest color this fall in fashion for women over 40?  The Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 have the scoop.

* Ever wonder what a professional facial is like?  Come along with Prime Beauty’s guest blogger Ilsa to the Le Metier de Beaute counter to get an  early up close view of her Chem60 Pro-Peel

* Fab Over 40 wants you to find out what other women are discussing about menopause  and the 2nd talk

*Jodell of Black Cat Plus  asks:  is body shaming becoming more and more acceptable with the influence of the internet and social media?

* Get beauty secrets from the bible at Fab Over 50.  Hallelujah!

* What does Female Fat Loss Over 40 eat in a day?  See what a lean and fit trainer eats as well as a cool vide from Dr Peter Osbourne on healthful eating.

In recognition of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Howard Murad is offering Hydrate for Hope,  an awesome pink makeup bag stuffed with nighttime moisturizer and eye cream– and 10% of  purchase price will be donated to City  of Hope for breast cancer research.  Over the years, Dr Murad has donated over $1,000,000 to research for breast cancer prevention and cure.    And eash time you “like” a Murad Facebook fan  page or tweet about a Murad product, this comitted company will donate $1.00 to cancer  care programs at City of Hope.  How easy  is that.

Dr Murad  was one of the first to create an anti-aging skin care program using glycolic acid.  I featured  his products in my  book-  Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin– and use them in my own skin care routinue.    They are  safe, uber effective and affordable.  In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to  remind  you to avoid estrogen-based  skin care formulations.  There is no need to use dangerous anti-aging moisturizers especially when there safe and  better options.

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This week the host of Fashion Flash is Kari of Fab Over 40.  This constantly updated site  has become  my go-to  spot for all things beauty.  In recent weeks she has  profiled   five new delicious lingerie brands, a new long lasting lipstick with vitamins and without parabens,  and a honey  bath scrub from Laura Mercier.  I  have to admit I want them all.

I often have problems with celebrity beauty tips.  When asked  how they maintain a perfect body they claim a)  they never diet, b) drink a gallon of water a day or c) they inherrited their goods looks.  Seriously?

By contrast, Beth Chamberlin, star of the late, great Guiding Light, not only honestly  admits her  body problems, she shares  her real  diet and fitness strategies.  Beth and her husband, Dr Peter Roy  developed a popular Kettlebell program  that is  available  on her website.  Now she  is going one step further to create  The Woman’s Fitness Empowerment Project to produce a series of workout DVD’s that focus on strength, flexibility and cardio.  But what is really cool  is that Beth and Peter  are using Indiegogo to crowdsource funding. 

Here’s how it works:  There are a series of option levels  you can choose  from.  It starts at ” I’ll Bite”  which includes  volume I  of her new DVD; ” Oh Yeah, I’m Ready”  offers volume 1 and 2 of the new exercise series,  and ” I want a New Me which gets you both DVD’s and a copy of the popular book Perfect Body Made Simple  by Dr Peter Roy”.  My favorite is “Make Me a Goddess”  which includes all of the above plus a personalized  meal plan and a one-on one chat with Beth to  motivate you to make it happen.

I first  worked with Beth  when a publisher asked me to package a romance novel  that would be  part of the plot line on Guiding Light.   Beth  wrote that book and, Lorelei’s Diary, was a great success.  It  was amazing to see the book on  a TV screen as well  as in the local Barnes and Noble.    Beth is passionate about sharing her  nutritional and  fitness experiences and her enthusiasm is contagious.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday  and I’m the host.   If anyone can make you care about fashion and beauty in the dog days of summer  it’s  the bloggers of Fashion Flash:

* Une femme d’un certain age takes her autumn color cues from a park in Paris.

* Fab Over 40 gets answers from experts to your top beauty questions with affordable, proven products.

* Female fat loss expert expert Shawna K is more than willing to answer YOUR fitness questions.  Should I work out when I’m sick?  What’s a burpee?  Check out some Q and A’s from her clients.

* Are your mani/pedis sanitary?  Fab Over Fifty has the answer.

* Prime Beauty is thrilled that the much sought after Chanel Fleur de Lotus Collection has made its way all the way from Asia to the US! This Nordstrom exclusive has a lot to love, but the star of the show is the lovely Lotus Joues Constraste Blush.

*Moving Free with Mirabai offers five fab outdoor toning exercises.  Best of all- no equipment necessary.

* Wondering what is appropriate dress for a women over 40 to wear to a funeral?  Find out what the Glam Gals at Fabulous  After 40 recommend.

* A smile from you can change someone’s mood for the better.  Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards explains the research behind the phenomenon.

* Clothing stores now have more options to display plus size mannequins which better represent the body measurements of real women.

This week I went to the amazing BlogHer conference in NYC.  I met incredible women, took notes at  info packed sessions and talked with brands that were looking to connect with bloggers.  One of the highlights had to be the luncheon  interview with Martha Stewart.  When asked for the key to her success Martha didn’t hesitate.  ” I learn something new everyday”  The   power and simplicity of  her answer left  the roomful of 5000 women stunned– and for a moment you could hear a pin drop– and then they  burst  into applause.

I decided to take that  advice to heart.  On  Sunday, I was determined to learn how to make crepes.  They were not the best crepes I have ever eaten, but  stuffed with ham or drizzed with butter they still respectable.  My biggest takeaway?  When the recipe says to let crepe batter rest for a few  hours, it’s not  a step to ignore.

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This week the  host of Fashion Flash  is Kari of Fab Over 40.  Whenever I  am in the market for a new make-up  or skin care treatment, I  visit  Fab Over 40 to check out her advice.  She carefully road tests  each product and when she reports that something works, it does.   Recently she introduced me to two new   multi-tasking  products from Sisley– a moisturizing self-tanner and  a tinted moisturizer wirh a SPF 20.   Not only do duel  purpose products  save money,  IMO I think   a single product  works better  then piling one on top of another.   

I  had watched Dr Denese  on PBS and was almost mesmerized by her Hungarian accent as  she talked about anti-aging strategies.    They were  packed with  pretty heavy science and  her  book allowed me  to get a better grasp of her concepts.    For the first time I actually understood  the principles behind HGH treatment– the hormone that  seems to be involved  in the maintenance and repair of  muscle and tissue throughout the body. Studies have shown that HGH  mobilizes fat deposits and increase energy, stamina, immunity and memory.   HGH injections are very expensive and  controversial, but Dr Denese recommends ways of naturally increasing HGH in the body.  Nice. 

She offers an especially strict low carb,  low fat  low calorie diet that  seems  to have more  supplements than real food.   While I agree that low carb is the best way to control weight,  I don’t think I could stay on this diet for more than a day. 

Her skin care section offered  a much more accessible approach to dealing with  the wrinkles and  discolorations of aging.   Dr Denses  is passionate about exfoliation  and  drills down to explain how  all skin types can benefit from alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinoids like Retin A.    While she often   pushes  her own product line, she does  give other options.  She points out that  many over the counter products are very low in active ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and explains how to find the most effective formulations.  She is a  big fan of individual treatment  pads and even  suggests using them to exfoliate the body.The  book is packed with basic info and   has prompted me  to try  new  approaches  and worth a spot on  my ever growing beauty bookshelf.

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