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Fashion Flash logoThis week  Deb of Fabulous After 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.   There is certainly no shortage of fashion experts out there, but IMO   Fabulous After 40 has the best insight into   over 40  style.  It looks at  new trends and then adapts them to the bodies and lifestyles of  real women .  Its not just that our bodies are changing, but our lives as well.  So  much of the stuff you see in stores is for  for clubbing, sports and dating.  When you are are trying to  figure out what to wear to your son’s college graduation or  your daughter’s wedding, the options are slim.   Fabulous After  Forty is my roadmap to style and style choices,  and I always check it out before going shopping.

 I have spent most of my professional life as a health and beauty writer.  I loved gathering  accurate information and sharing it in a timely  helpful lifestyle book.  But over the last  few years, publishing  became less and less interested in this type of book unless the author had a celebrity platform. I was asked to ghost some of these books and the process was not Magic of Facial Exercise book coverpleasant.  I decided to start publishing  my own lifestyle e-books and   this week I am so delighted to announce the publication of the  first e-book from Chase Communications– The Magic of Facial Exercise by Cynthia Rowland. Its available on Kindle Select and on May 7-9  you can download it  for free at http://www.amazon.com/The-Magic-Facial-Exercise-ebook/dp/B00C33WJ7E/.

The Magic of Facial Exercise is an introduction to the power of isometric training to reshape the face.  Rather than just a book of exercises, it is an in-depth guide to the science of  facial aging.  The Magic of Facial Exercise looks at what is behind sings of  aging  such as crows feet and  double chin and explains exactly which muscle groups  need some TLC.  

Cynthia Rowland is a widely redognized fitness and beauty expert.  Creator of the Facial Magic System  she has been on  the Today Show, The View, The Rachel Ray Show as well as on QVC and HSN.  More than 1,00,000 men and women in more than 40 countries are fans of the Facial Magic System.

I am working with terrific experts  on several new e-book  projects including  a  beauty guide for blondes, an amazingly effective diet based on science rather than science fiction and  the first  book on anti-aging smile makeovers.  Producing  beautiful professional e-books turned out to be a lot harder than it looked, but I’m having the time of my life. If you have an ideas for books you would like to see or an idea for a book you would like to do,  I’d love to hear from you.


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This week, Cindy of  Prime Beauty  is hosting Fashion Flash.   I am in the middle of  Budget Beauty series so I’ve become a huge fan of  Prime Beauty’s Frugal Friday feature.  This week she  featured a tempting palatte  of eye shadows made even more tempting at half price.   Cindy has also started to feature great holiday gift sets including  Kiehls’s Creme de Corps Holiday Collection with 100% of sales going to children’s causes around the world and Tarte Baby it Bold Outside   blush or lip gloss  sets. 

IMO Prime Beauty  has  awesome recommendations for fragrances.   On her recommendations  I have tried ( and loved) new brands and old favorites  like Jo Malone and Anik.  I also rely on Cindy for eval of hair products.  I can decode a wall full of moisturizers, when it comes to   hair products, I freeze.  Prime Beauty provides  need to  know info  on shampoos and styling mousee that has helped me get the look  I was looking for.

 Every year along with pumpkins and football, colds, sore throats and bronchitis arrive in every household.  Americans suffer 1 million colds each year and we spend $5 billion on cough and sniffles remedies.  Influenza, colds evil twin, affects up to 10 million Americans, puts 200,000 in the hospital and is fatal to 20,000 adults and children.

The Good Doctors Guide to Colds  and Flu ( Harper) by Dr Neil Schachter provides the information you need to stay healthy all winter including:

* The surprising reason why women get more colds

* Why using your own pen decresing  chance of  respiratory infections

* Three signs that its time to call a doctor immediately

* Is it safe to exercise  with a fever

The author is Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy. Neil Schachter also my husband, but its not nepotism– its  just a great book for this time of year.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and  many of our great Fashion Flash posts  deal with this  critical health issue for women:

* What can you do to lower your breast cancer risk for breast cancer? Menopause Makeover has ten tips that could change your life!  With early detection the 5-year survival rate is 98%.

* Here’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month collaboration to smile about.  Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards.com has uncovered a great buy on a product everyone needs  to give back- a win/win.

* How do I get back in shape after cancer treatment?  Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai answers the question.

* What is the hottest color this fall in fashion for women over 40?  The Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 have the scoop.

* Ever wonder what a professional facial is like?  Come along with Prime Beauty’s guest blogger Ilsa to the Le Metier de Beaute counter to get an  early up close view of her Chem60 Pro-Peel

* Fab Over 40 wants you to find out what other women are discussing about menopause  and the 2nd talk

*Jodell of Black Cat Plus  asks:  is body shaming becoming more and more acceptable with the influence of the internet and social media?

* Get beauty secrets from the bible at Fab Over 50.  Hallelujah!

* What does Female Fat Loss Over 40 eat in a day?  See what a lean and fit trainer eats as well as a cool vide from Dr Peter Osbourne on healthful eating.

In recognition of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Howard Murad is offering Hydrate for Hope,  an awesome pink makeup bag stuffed with nighttime moisturizer and eye cream– and 10% of  purchase price will be donated to City  of Hope for breast cancer research.  Over the years, Dr Murad has donated over $1,000,000 to research for breast cancer prevention and cure.    And eash time you “like” a Murad Facebook fan  page or tweet about a Murad product, this comitted company will donate $1.00 to cancer  care programs at City of Hope.  How easy  is that.

Dr Murad  was one of the first to create an anti-aging skin care program using glycolic acid.  I featured  his products in my  book-  Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin– and use them in my own skin care routinue.    They are  safe, uber effective and affordable.  In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to  remind  you to avoid estrogen-based  skin care formulations.  There is no need to use dangerous anti-aging moisturizers especially when there safe and  better options.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday  and I’m the host.   If anyone can make you care about fashion and beauty in the dog days of summer  it’s  the bloggers of Fashion Flash:

* Une femme d’un certain age takes her autumn color cues from a park in Paris.

* Fab Over 40 gets answers from experts to your top beauty questions with affordable, proven products.

* Female fat loss expert expert Shawna K is more than willing to answer YOUR fitness questions.  Should I work out when I’m sick?  What’s a burpee?  Check out some Q and A’s from her clients.

* Are your mani/pedis sanitary?  Fab Over Fifty has the answer.

* Prime Beauty is thrilled that the much sought after Chanel Fleur de Lotus Collection has made its way all the way from Asia to the US! This Nordstrom exclusive has a lot to love, but the star of the show is the lovely Lotus Joues Constraste Blush.

*Moving Free with Mirabai offers five fab outdoor toning exercises.  Best of all- no equipment necessary.

* Wondering what is appropriate dress for a women over 40 to wear to a funeral?  Find out what the Glam Gals at Fabulous  After 40 recommend.

* A smile from you can change someone’s mood for the better.  Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards explains the research behind the phenomenon.

* Clothing stores now have more options to display plus size mannequins which better represent the body measurements of real women.

This week I went to the amazing BlogHer conference in NYC.  I met incredible women, took notes at  info packed sessions and talked with brands that were looking to connect with bloggers.  One of the highlights had to be the luncheon  interview with Martha Stewart.  When asked for the key to her success Martha didn’t hesitate.  ” I learn something new everyday”  The   power and simplicity of  her answer left  the roomful of 5000 women stunned– and for a moment you could hear a pin drop– and then they  burst  into applause.

I decided to take that  advice to heart.  On  Sunday, I was determined to learn how to make crepes.  They were not the best crepes I have ever eaten, but  stuffed with ham or drizzed with butter they still respectable.  My biggest takeaway?  When the recipe says to let crepe batter rest for a few  hours, it’s not  a step to ignore.

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This week Jackie of Aging Backwards is the host of Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of those people  who always seem to get it right.  She is the one in a group  that picks the best restaurant in the neighborhood (  and orders the tastiest dish), she  gets invited to the best parties ( and takes you along) and shares  her knowledge with  joy and enthusiasm.  We bumped into each other at the International Beauty Show and  walked thru the exhibits together.  It is pretty overwhelming, but  in the mass of  products, Jackie suddenly spotted  a table of sponges.  She grabbed  up two packages of microfiber wipes declaring these were a great way to  remove  make-up.  When I got home, I roadtested the round lavendar disks and was blown away.  They were the BEST way ever to remove  eye make-up.  Just a swipe with the dampened  pad and   mascara and  liner were gone.  Used dry, they are a powerful  yet non-irritating exfoliator.  The point of this  story-  and I do have one- it that Jackie is someone whose advice  is genuinely good.  Her  site – Aging Backwards-  is filled with  info that you can trust.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday and this week the Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 are hosting.  What I especially love  about this site is the sense of detail.   For example, stripes are a big trend  for spring, but can be challenging to wear.  Fabulous After 40 found stripes not only  in a range of  tops and dresses, the Glam Gals also showed how to use the look in shoes and bags. This week  Fabulous After 40  explores Missoni style patterns  and showed how to create a long lean line  with this bold pattern.   They even found a Missoni patterned bangle to take  baby steps into this bold look.  Most fashion sites  just show images for beautiful bone thin women in expensive clothing.  Nice  but  not that helpful. Fabulous Over  40 drills down into  every look and style to  explain how to actually use  it in daily life.  The Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40  believe  that fashion is not  just a spectator  sport.  They are committed to blasting  women like me out of their fashion comfort zone and  getting us to enjoy  new  styles and colors.    And don’t forget to sign up  for their free webinar on April 3  that deals with the best ways to  hide  a less than perfect, flat tummy.

And when you’ve finished  reading through all the info packed Fashion Flash sites, check out  The Book of Lost Fragrances by M.J. Rose.  This  just published novel combines three of my favorite themes– beauty, history, and mystery.  I was hooked at the first scene where Napoleon and his aide  are entering the long lost tomb of an ancient Egyprian perfumer.  Then  the scene jumps to present day New YorK City  where the daughter of the aide is about to become embroiled in  an adventure to  find the long lost fragrance.   The  fast  paced plot blends mythology, reincarnation and a love story that  endures across time.  And at the very satisfying ending, there is another  short chapter that  provides background facts and illustrations behind the novel.  It’s like Harry Potter for women!

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This weekend, Fashion Flasher Geri of Fabulous Over Fifty hosted the amazing Beauty Bash in New York City.  For the first time, eight Fashion Flashers were together at one time.  We went out to dinner at Olives in the W Hotel and were having such a good time that a  young women came  over to find out who we were.  When she heard about Beauty Bash, she and her friends bought tickets and came to hear the lectures and visit the booths.  It was that good!  And in between giving presentations and talking to the over 1000 women who came to   visit, we kept blogging.  This week:

* Kari of  Fab Over Forty insists that beauty does not have to be complicaed, giving us  a few quick beauty fixes to  make the day a little easier.

* Deb of Fabulous After 40 answers the question– what is the top fall fashion acessory for casual dressing?

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus presents a plus size  fall fashion forecast including texture, color and animal prints.

Staness of  Menopause Makeover has another amazing recipe, this time  a chicken, charred tomato and broccoli salad.

Cat of Obsessed With Shoes  looks at what master cobbler Christian Louboutin is doing this fall.

Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty asks  if  you are working out but  feeling tired and gaining weight?  Don’t worry, Shawna will sort things out.

And if  you are in the New York area this week,  Clarins is hosting the second in a series of four  beauty evenings, sponsored by  Glow magazine.  On Oct 6, ( from 6:30-8:30) this event  features Mommy Makeovers to  get back  your  shape and vitality.  I get so many emails from young moms  who are now concerned about early signs of aging.  Motherhood is wonderful, but stressful and takes a toll on  your skin, hair and contours.  The expert panel  includes Dr Wilfred Brown, plastic surgeon specializing in body contouring, nurse Julie Tupler who developed a technique on belly flattening that was featured on the Today Show, and nutrititionist  Brooke Alpert who is considered a rising star in the  health and wellness field. I will be held  at the Clarins store at  1061 Madison Avenue.  The  program is without charge, wine and cheese will be served AND you get a goody bag when you leave.  To attend please RSVP to Kerry at 212-374-6100 by October 3.  I’ll be there and I look forward to talking with you.

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