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This week  the host of Fashion Flash is Cat of Obsessed with Shoes.  Recently she  featured  a new style of hybrid shoes  that combines features of  the oxford , sandel and cage shoe.  Edgy and fabulous!  It  made me start thinking about fall even  though my  summer has  just started.

And when you’ve finished reading out  all the  Fashion Flash sites, check out DERM Doctor by Audrey Kunin,MD.  This comprehensive book integrates lots of basic science info with practical advice on topics other than  just aging.  For example, it includes the most comprehensive review of hair loss issues for women- exploring different causes, what your doctor should look for and state of the art treatment options.  Dr Audrey also tackles a  widespread but rarely covered  topic  called keratosis pilaris, aka “chicken skin” .  Turns out that 50% of adults in the US experience some degree of this easily treated problem- once they know what it is.   Equally interesting  are in depth sections on chapped lips and cold sores-  not sexy, but these things happen and need attention.

I  think the book  loses some credibility when Dr Kunn  recommends one of the products in her DERM doctor line as the solution for a particular beauty issue.  I know that   derms have developed   extensive and expensive  product lines and some of them  are pretty good. It  just feels awkward  to do a product  pitch in a  health/beauty book.

But you don’t have to  buy the prodcuts  and the DERM Doctor deserves a spot on your beauty book shelf for its great info and easy to follow  style.


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When I started exploring anti-aging options I really wasn’t aware that my neck looked, well looked old.  After I  used   tools  like  Retin A and IPL, I could see a big difference between the texture and color between my neck and face– as if  I was wearing a heavy foundation.  On the neck there was that bumpy “chicken skin”, thick horizontal lines and lots of fine lines.  I’ve been using Retin A and sunscreen on my neck but apparently its nowhere near as effective for the neck.  Not good news.  

There is a short list of anti-aging tools for the neck.  Top of the list is the full facelift ( Check out recent pix of Madonna.  Some experts believe that she   has had a facelift because  her neck  is as  smooth and tight as a women half her age.)  Botox  can relax the vertical cords while fillers can deal with the horizontal lines.  But  I’m not   ready to do these things  now.  Truthfully I cringe at the thought of injecting stuff  into my neck. 

  I had decided to rely on Hermes scarves and a great personality and ignore  my neck issues.  But when Dr Prasad said Pelleve can benefit  my neck, I was in.  Painless, effective and no needles– my favorite kind of treatment.    Here is  the neck  three weeks after Pelleve photo.   The skin looks less bumpy and less lined.  As on the face there is a subtle refinement of skin quality.  Its  not tight and perfect like Madonna’s, but  I like what I see.  I’m wearing scarves  now because its freezing, not because I have to.

FYI:  We did not work  on loose skin just under the chin  and that looks pretty much the same.   I’m planning on another Pelleve treatment to deal with that area.  I’m brown bagging lunch in earnest to put aside cash for the treatment. Does anyone have  interesting sandwhich ideas?

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I don’t hate my  neck– I  just would be happier if  it looked fresher and smoother.  I had been using my DDF hand held exfoliator on my face with good results and wonderered what it would do for my neck? After all,  its  made of skin,  like  my face. Using the foam sponge with the Polishing Crystals gel, I worked it around my neck for one minute.  It gave me  a warming sensation that was stronger than I felt  when used on my cheeks.

When I rinsed off the remainder of the polishing gel, I was delighted to see that my neck looked pinker, fresher and the lines  less obvious.  Even the dreaded “chicken skin” bumps were softened.  Clearly the exfoliator had removed the dry, dead, skin cells  to reveal a healthier and fresher complexion. 

The changes  weren’t permanent and I need to exfoliate my neck my neck on a regular basis.  I  found that 2x a week was the absolute max that this thin delicate skin could tolorate– and could not use RetinA on the area for 24 hours.  Its not a perfect fix, but  it so nice to have a simple and affordable alternative to turtlenecks.








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