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This week  the host of Fashion Flash is Cat of Obsessed with Shoes.  Recently she  featured  a new style of hybrid shoes  that combines features of  the oxford , sandel and cage shoe.  Edgy and fabulous!  It  made me start thinking about fall even  though my  summer has  just started.

And when you’ve finished reading out  all the  Fashion Flash sites, check out DERM Doctor by Audrey Kunin,MD.  This comprehensive book integrates lots of basic science info with practical advice on topics other than  just aging.  For example, it includes the most comprehensive review of hair loss issues for women- exploring different causes, what your doctor should look for and state of the art treatment options.  Dr Audrey also tackles a  widespread but rarely covered  topic  called keratosis pilaris, aka “chicken skin” .  Turns out that 50% of adults in the US experience some degree of this easily treated problem- once they know what it is.   Equally interesting  are in depth sections on chapped lips and cold sores-  not sexy, but these things happen and need attention.

I  think the book  loses some credibility when Dr Kunn  recommends one of the products in her DERM doctor line as the solution for a particular beauty issue.  I know that   derms have developed   extensive and expensive  product lines and some of them  are pretty good. It  just feels awkward  to do a product  pitch in a  health/beauty book.

But you don’t have to  buy the prodcuts  and the DERM Doctor deserves a spot on your beauty book shelf for its great info and easy to follow  style.


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