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While I’m not that impressed by the power of  six glasses of water/day, I am in awe of the value of oatmeal.  There are literally hundreds of peer-reviewed, published studies that demonstrate the benefits of oatmeal, both inside and out. As part of  a  breakfast, fiber rich oatmeal is low in sodium, fat free and can lower cholesterol.  And its not  just for breakfast.  I  use it in meatballs, meatloaf, muffins, quick breads and of course cookies. 

In skin care, oatmeal is a superhero.  It’s high in anti-oxidents, can reduce inflammation and  is a terriffic moisturizer  that never leaves your skin oily.  You can make an effective face mask  by blending  one tablespoon of oatmeal with an egg white for  oily skin or with an yolk for dry complexions.  Oatmeal is used in commercial  skin care products and Aveeno  has a large selection of oatmeal -enriched soaps, cleansers,  sunscreens and moisturizers. 

Oatmeal is safe, inexpensive, more effective and better researched  than  most of the new exotic anti-aging ingredients ( I mean you coffeeberry and roobios tea).  Instead of spending  money on these fads,  have a bowl of oatmeal  for breakfast and save a spoonful for  your face.

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Its hard to pick up a newpaper or magazine without reading of another celebrity  who credits her  good looks to-wait for it- drinking  plenty of water.  For example Kim Kardashian   has admitted to  extensive laser hair removal (” hey, I’m Armeanian”) and  posted  photos of her post- Botox bruises.  Yet in an interview she credits her luminous skin and incredible body  to drinking water.

Now I have nothing against water but its not the fountain  of youth.  I drink it every day and in fact I  especially like Poland Spring water  which is from a real  spring and not  just filtered  reservoir water.  And I can understand that iconic beauties don’t want to reveal their use of Botox, fillers, lasers or even IPL.  But why  can’t they  share some  real beauty advice that is safe and affordable such as   Retin A, glycolic peels or microdermabrasion.  Something more honest than water.

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