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Fashion Flash logoI’m so delighted to be  hosting Fashion Flash this week.  Our Glam Squad of bloggers have  outdone themselves with posts that range from exercises to improve your golf score , how to lower your skin cancer risk   and a   game plan for  wearing  the uber popular, eye searing  NEON  colors over forty.

* Cindy of Prime Beauty points out that aging doesn’t only show on our faces, our hair is feeling the years too.   She profiles Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Care  line that helps fight eight visible signs of aging

* May is  Skin Cancer Awareness Month  and Kari of Fab Over 40  interviews  Dr Piasecki of the Skin Cancer Center on the best ways  to protect your skin from cancer causing UV rays.  Read this timely and important  post at http://www.faboverforty.com/skincare/skin-cancer-center-the-doctor-will-now-see-you/

* Its bold, its electric but can a mature woman wear it?  Find out what style expert Deborah Boland has to say about how to wea those bright green, pink or orange  neon colors at Fabulous After 40.

* Looking for warm weather fashion inspiration?   Jackie from Aging Backwards shares her shopping experience at  Coldwater Creek Store.

* Jane Seymour is upbeat and unstoppable.  Check out our one-on-one interview with her at Fab Over Fifty

* Barbara at Best of Everything After Fifty is fuming mad and  wants to know when the media will get the message that women don’t have to be  thin, young, and perfectly gorgeous  to be beautiful, powerful and strong!

*   Menopausal?  Confused about management options?  72% of women have not received any treatment of menopausal symptoms.  Staness of Menopause Makeover  tells you how to find reliable information online.

Jodell of Black Cat  Plus  doesn’t understand   how its acceptable for a major retailer not  to carry plus size clothing when plus size  men and women make up almost  70% of the market.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  shares  easy and fun “prehab” exercises to get  yourself ready for the golf season.

Get ready for summer with our Glam Squad  line-up of great posts.  As Helena Rubinstein famously once  said ” There are no  unattractive women, only lazy ones”

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Fashion Flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of the best beauty journalists I have ever met.  We can go to the same conference and she will find great  new products and  experts, that never  made  it on my radar.  In fact Jackie introduced  me to two of  my new favorite skin care products– Brush on Sunblock and microfiber  cleansing cloths.  She  also spots trends  months before the rest of us and if you want to read it first, be sure to check out Aging Backwards.

Free Make-up Master Class

Last week I went to a work-shop by master make-up artist Francisco Valera, hosted by Marmur Medical in New York City.  You’ve seen his work in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Marie Claire and Elle and his clients include  Christy Turlington, Kate Moss,Giselle and Sandra Bullock. 

Francisco ( just first name, like Cher or Madonna) used techniques  that I’ve never seen before.  He started by applying a dab of Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden to the lips.  Fransisco and modelAlthough he  does the lips last, he wanted  to give  the cream time to hydrate the often  dry skin on the lips.   I was fascinated as he used three different shades of the same  cream foundation to cover redness, add light and create definition.

For a daytime  look, he brushed  champagne beige eye shadow on the lids.  Then he mixed the same eight hour cream with a cherry red Chanel lipstick to  produce a translucent yet intense lip color.  To switch to  a party look, Francicso created a delicate smoky eye and “took down”  lip color to a softer neutral beige.  Watching Francisco work, I could see why Christy, Kate and Sandra look so good.

Marmur Medical will be holding a second make-up master class on May 9 2013.  From 5:30-7:00, Francisco  will share the secrets of supermodel beauty and you will go home  with both great knowledge and a great goody bag. To reserve a  seat,  RSVP to Marie.Lum@marmurmedical.com. I’ll be going back  for another session and I hope to see you there.

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FF1This week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash. Jackie also writes for The Examiner and Style Goes Strong covering health, nutrition and aging providing useful info in an upbeat voice. She is one of those people who can spot an idea and find a practical application. We can go to the same event, hear the same presentation and she will find a nugget of information that went right past me. No wonder the PR chicks are so happy so see Miss Jackie   show up at an event.

Both Jackie and I worked during our “Mommy” years, but  I’ve had close friends  who had focused their  lives and energies on their children.  When the last  child went off to college they struggled  with  anxiety and depression and it was hard  for them to   enjoy their  new stage of life.  Beyond the Mommy Years is  a great resouce  for all  moms  who  need to relearn their lives.  Author Carin Rubenstein, PhD is uniquely qualified to write this book.  A social psychologist and mother  of two, she  inteviewed over   1000 women on their views,  challenges and  solutions to reinventing the post- parenting years. 

For  many women  their lives were centered around playground community,  sports and evenMOMMY YEARS PTA  events.  When the  last child is deposited  in a college dorm room,  moms need not only to restructure their days, they need to find a new identidy.  Beyond the Mommy Years  offers  dozens of suggestions on finding  new meaningful paths include going  back to school, starting a  new career and  and making new  relationships.  Its a cruel coincidence  that  mommy years often  end  at the start of menopause.  This  positive book offers special advice and support   for the physical and emotional  tsunami   that   accompany “The Change”. 

As any  Mom  of a college grad will tell you,   parenting doesn’t end, but evolves  when a child leaves home.   Rather than  packing lunches and running to  gymnastic practice,  I now get to take an ecstatic  18 month old granddaughter  to a doggie run  and then go out to a wine bar  with my editor.   If you wait long enough, you can  have it all.

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FF1This week  Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash. Jackie  is passionate about  heath and fitness and  committed to getting everyone to make  the best  health choices.  Last week her advice kept me safe.  Until I  met Jackie I never put  on the seatbelts in a cab. When she saw   this,  Jackie  scolded me and  rattled off some disturbing  statistics. Its hard to change years of habits, but when  I sat down in a cab  that seemed to be driven by a Nascar wannabe, I remembered Jackie’s warning and strapped myself in.  Less than three blocks later, he plowed into  the car in front of  us.  If I had not been wearing the seatbelt, I would have gone head  first into the partition.   Her advice is that good.

Help! I’ve been scraped! No, its not a new type of microdermabrasion.  A post from No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  has  been picked up by an ethically challenged blogger and reprinted  at  least eight times. In the real world  this is called plagerism and the offender  is sued and disgraced.  Online, a Google spider saw the eight copies of the article on differentBlog Thief 1 sites and read this as duplication– a BIG  offense in their algorithm.  As a result Google  slashed my search rankings  and my traffic fell sharply.  

People tell me that this is not an uncommon problem.  What they can’t say  is how to fix it.  If anyone knows  to deal with this and/or  can connect  me with a  live human person at Google, I would be  so grateful.  ( Sympathic  emails  would also be very welcome) What really stings is that in the past two weeks since  I was scraped, I’ve done  several articles    posts with new and helpful info that has  been missed by over 10,000 vistors who didn’t come to my site.  For example  I explored the  value of gluten-free cosmetics and skin care products  and found that two groups of people may  find them beneficial. Its  probably not surprising to read that people with gluten  intolorance  reported greater symptom relief when they switched to gluten -free products.  However if you are one of the estimated 20 million Americans with eczema, gluten-free products may reduce irritation and itching.  I also  discussed the problems of finding truely gluten-free make-up and skin care  products and include links to three safe and recommended brands.  If you or someone you know  has eczema, please tell them to  take a look at the article.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and  many of our great Fashion Flash posts  deal with this  critical health issue for women:

* What can you do to lower your breast cancer risk for breast cancer? Menopause Makeover has ten tips that could change your life!  With early detection the 5-year survival rate is 98%.

* Here’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month collaboration to smile about.  Jackie Silver from Aging Backwards.com has uncovered a great buy on a product everyone needs  to give back- a win/win.

* How do I get back in shape after cancer treatment?  Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai answers the question.

* What is the hottest color this fall in fashion for women over 40?  The Glam Gals at Fabulous After 40 have the scoop.

* Ever wonder what a professional facial is like?  Come along with Prime Beauty’s guest blogger Ilsa to the Le Metier de Beaute counter to get an  early up close view of her Chem60 Pro-Peel

* Fab Over 40 wants you to find out what other women are discussing about menopause  and the 2nd talk

*Jodell of Black Cat Plus  asks:  is body shaming becoming more and more acceptable with the influence of the internet and social media?

* Get beauty secrets from the bible at Fab Over 50.  Hallelujah!

* What does Female Fat Loss Over 40 eat in a day?  See what a lean and fit trainer eats as well as a cool vide from Dr Peter Osbourne on healthful eating.

In recognition of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr Howard Murad is offering Hydrate for Hope,  an awesome pink makeup bag stuffed with nighttime moisturizer and eye cream– and 10% of  purchase price will be donated to City  of Hope for breast cancer research.  Over the years, Dr Murad has donated over $1,000,000 to research for breast cancer prevention and cure.    And eash time you “like” a Murad Facebook fan  page or tweet about a Murad product, this comitted company will donate $1.00 to cancer  care programs at City of Hope.  How easy  is that.

Dr Murad  was one of the first to create an anti-aging skin care program using glycolic acid.  I featured  his products in my  book-  Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin– and use them in my own skin care routinue.    They are  safe, uber effective and affordable.  In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to  remind  you to avoid estrogen-based  skin care formulations.  There is no need to use dangerous anti-aging moisturizers especially when there safe and  better options.

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This week the  host of Fashion Flash  is Kari of Fab Over 40.  Whenever I  am in the market for a new make-up  or skin care treatment, I  visit  Fab Over 40 to check out her advice.  She carefully road tests  each product and when she reports that something works, it does.   Recently she introduced me to two new   multi-tasking  products from Sisley– a moisturizing self-tanner and  a tinted moisturizer wirh a SPF 20.   Not only do duel  purpose products  save money,  IMO I think   a single product  works better  then piling one on top of another.   

I  had watched Dr Denese  on PBS and was almost mesmerized by her Hungarian accent as  she talked about anti-aging strategies.    They were  packed with  pretty heavy science and  her  book allowed me  to get a better grasp of her concepts.    For the first time I actually understood  the principles behind HGH treatment– the hormone that  seems to be involved  in the maintenance and repair of  muscle and tissue throughout the body. Studies have shown that HGH  mobilizes fat deposits and increase energy, stamina, immunity and memory.   HGH injections are very expensive and  controversial, but Dr Denese recommends ways of naturally increasing HGH in the body.  Nice. 

She offers an especially strict low carb,  low fat  low calorie diet that  seems  to have more  supplements than real food.   While I agree that low carb is the best way to control weight,  I don’t think I could stay on this diet for more than a day. 

Her skin care section offered  a much more accessible approach to dealing with  the wrinkles and  discolorations of aging.   Dr Denses  is passionate about exfoliation  and  drills down to explain how  all skin types can benefit from alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinoids like Retin A.    While she often   pushes  her own product line, she does  give other options.  She points out that  many over the counter products are very low in active ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and explains how to find the most effective formulations.  She is a  big fan of individual treatment  pads and even  suggests using them to exfoliate the body.The  book is packed with basic info and   has prompted me  to try  new  approaches  and worth a spot on  my ever growing beauty bookshelf.

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This week Jackie of Aging Backwards is the host of Fashion Flash.  Jackie is one of those people  who always seem to get it right.  She is the one in a group  that picks the best restaurant in the neighborhood (  and orders the tastiest dish), she  gets invited to the best parties ( and takes you along) and shares  her knowledge with  joy and enthusiasm.  We bumped into each other at the International Beauty Show and  walked thru the exhibits together.  It is pretty overwhelming, but  in the mass of  products, Jackie suddenly spotted  a table of sponges.  She grabbed  up two packages of microfiber wipes declaring these were a great way to  remove  make-up.  When I got home, I roadtested the round lavendar disks and was blown away.  They were the BEST way ever to remove  eye make-up.  Just a swipe with the dampened  pad and   mascara and  liner were gone.  Used dry, they are a powerful  yet non-irritating exfoliator.  The point of this  story-  and I do have one- it that Jackie is someone whose advice  is genuinely good.  Her  site – Aging Backwards-  is filled with  info that you can trust.

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