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Fashion Flash logoI’m so delighted to be  hosting Fashion Flash this week.  Our Glam Squad of bloggers have  outdone themselves with posts that range from exercises to improve your golf score , how to lower your skin cancer risk   and a   game plan for  wearing  the uber popular, eye searing  NEON  colors over forty.

* Cindy of Prime Beauty points out that aging doesn’t only show on our faces, our hair is feeling the years too.   She profiles Nexxus Youth Renewal Hair Care  line that helps fight eight visible signs of aging

* May is  Skin Cancer Awareness Month  and Kari of Fab Over 40  interviews  Dr Piasecki of the Skin Cancer Center on the best ways  to protect your skin from cancer causing UV rays.  Read this timely and important  post at http://www.faboverforty.com/skincare/skin-cancer-center-the-doctor-will-now-see-you/

* Its bold, its electric but can a mature woman wear it?  Find out what style expert Deborah Boland has to say about how to wea those bright green, pink or orange  neon colors at Fabulous After 40.

* Looking for warm weather fashion inspiration?   Jackie from Aging Backwards shares her shopping experience at  Coldwater Creek Store.

* Jane Seymour is upbeat and unstoppable.  Check out our one-on-one interview with her at Fab Over Fifty

* Barbara at Best of Everything After Fifty is fuming mad and  wants to know when the media will get the message that women don’t have to be  thin, young, and perfectly gorgeous  to be beautiful, powerful and strong!

*   Menopausal?  Confused about management options?  72% of women have not received any treatment of menopausal symptoms.  Staness of Menopause Makeover  tells you how to find reliable information online.

Jodell of Black Cat  Plus  doesn’t understand   how its acceptable for a major retailer not  to carry plus size clothing when plus size  men and women make up almost  70% of the market.

* Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  shares  easy and fun “prehab” exercises to get  yourself ready for the golf season.

Get ready for summer with our Glam Squad  line-up of great posts.  As Helena Rubinstein famously once  said ” There are no  unattractive women, only lazy ones”


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                I had toyed with the idea of a beauty book that would analyze  a woman’s face, then develop a step by step master  plan to look younger and more attractive.  Not  me of course, some other woman  would have to expose her face to public scrutiny  and then reveal changes as they happen. But no luck.  I never found a women who would agree to be a guinea pig, especially in public.  But now facing an unfamiliar lined  tired face, I decided it was time for me to  become the test subject.  I would identify the trouble spots , select  remedies and share the step by step results.   I would start with the least expensive, easy options and  move  up  as needed  with medical options, stopping short of actual surgery.

                I have found that one of the biggest beauty myths is that dry skin causes aging.   But older skin is more than just dry skin, much more.  In fact,  there are twelve distinct signs of aging. 

Coming Up:  The Dirty Dozen – The Twelve Signs of Facial Aging

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My name is Deb and I  am a health and beauty writer.  My first book The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book was published in 1974 .  This book and  an update ten years late sold more than 440,000 copies.  My approach to beauty grew out of my time as a research assistant at NYU Medical Center.  I worked for  a physician who was  studying the biology of skin aging.  In fact, he was one of the first to study the impact of vitamin A acid  on skin growth—which was the basis for Retin A.

                The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book  looked at the real causes of skin and hair problems  and  how to choose beauty  products and procedures that were safe ,effective and affordable.  Ms Magazine, which ran an excerpt,  said it was the first beauty book that did not insult a woman’s intelligence.  I was not yet 30 years old when the book was first published.  Back then, aging was a theoretical beauty problem.  Today, it is the ONLY  beauty issue for me.

Since I started to write about beauty, I followed  good basic skin care guidelines—I didn’t smoke, exfoliated my skin for thorough cleansing and used a sunscreen.  For decades  it seemed to keep  skin aging  under control.  Then almost overnight, I looked in a store window and realized that an old lady in the reflection was actually me!!  I needed a plan.

I know that there were truly new innovative products and procedures  to help reverse signs of aging.  There are also a legion of options whose claims seem to just about promise  immortality.  Now that  aging was no  longer an abstract problem  I wanted, no needed, to be able  to separate fact from beauty  science fiction. 

Coming Up:  The Master Plan

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