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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Kari of Fabulous Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash.  Kari and I shared a stage at  Beauty Bash last  month and when she showed  her before and after  anti-aging  make-up, you could  hear  the audience gasp.  Her fifty something model  looked 10 years  younger in  ten minutes after  Kari camouflaged  her lines, sags and darkened areas.  Kari  shared  her makeover  game plan on her site and its a keeper.  Kari is a concealer grand  master  and  she uses it to literally erase years from your face.  I downloaded a copy and taped  it up near my make-up mirror .

And if you live in  New York city area,   make plans  to attend  the Clarins Beauty and Style Update on November10.  Sponsored by Glow Beauty Magazine, this  program will feature  Dr Tracy Pfeifer, selected by New York Magazine  as ” Best Beauty Doctor” in NYC and style expert  Jaccui Stafford.  There’s no charge, get 20% off Clarins  products, enjoy  the  wine and cheese  and leave with a goody bag of products.  Its an amazing beauty event and I always take home  new tips and information.  Please RSVP to Kerry at 212-734-6100.

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Question:  I’ve heard that a moisturizer from Boots Chemists actually works on wrinkles.  Is this true?

Answer:  This might sound like another urban legend, but studies of Boots #7 have actually been published in the always reliable British Journal of Dermatology.  Beautifully designed research actually looked at  changes both  in the cellular level and those visable in the  mirror and came up with desirable results.

Here’s how  it worked.  In the lab, this study looked  at fibrillin deposits in the cells as a “marker” for cellular aging.  Fibrillin is associated with new collagen growth anad as we grow older, fibrillin  levels naturally decline.  After six months of using Boots #7, researchers found increased levels of fibrillin right where you would want them to be.  Even  better, the study also found that in real time about 40% of the women saw a decline in wrinkles, especially around the eyes. 

Boots #7 has about 6% active ingredients of pentapeptides, antioxidants and retinyl palmitate.  This mixture is not as powerful as the gold- standard Retin A, but it is much less expensive and  less irritating anti-aging option. 

If you live in England you can find a Boots Chemists in practically every neighborhood.  In the US you can gets Boots#7 online at Ulta, Target and Amazon– at about $20.  Nice product, nice price.

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Last year I tried to get Invisalign orthodenture, but “Dr Braces” as  I call her said I was not a candidate.  Instead she offered a plan that started by extracting four back teeth.  Then full metal permanent  braces for at least two years and at the cost of at least 10 grand.   I got out of that office so fast I left skid marks.

This year at Beauty Bash ( the lifestyle expo created by Geri Brin at  Fabulous Over Fifty, I made a point to touch base with the cosmetic dentists.  I was especially impressed by Dr Jaqueline Fulop-Goodling  aka Dr Jackie.  She is one of the top Invisalign dentists in the US.  I was impressed by both her credentials and her dazzling smile.

 From the first  moment I  walked into her  New York office could sense a difference in  her approach.  Instead of  a plaster mold of my teeth,  Dr Jackie takes a  digital panoramic radiograph of   the mouth.  Standing up at the machine,I put my chin on a head rest and my teeth were clenched  on  a little bar.  The screens of the machine revolved around my face, capturing every missplaced tooth.

This time the report  was very different.  According to Dr   Jackie, my overbite  was not due to overcrowding, but another sign of aging.  Apparently as the years go by, the  jaw bone loses density and the teeth start to shift around.  They can sink back, twist around and/ or  push forward– all problems that Invisalign can handle.

Dr Jackie will also be  shaping my front teeth a bit so that fit  together better.  It will take about a year at about half the cost of the torture plan from Dr Braces.  At the next appointment I will get fitted for my first series of alignment trays.  Its much more fun getting orthodenture without having to deal  with  homework and curfew.

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This week the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover.   I love her blog for its  healthy delicious recipes and her down to earth advice.  She was one of the most popular experts at  Beauty Bash and  she had over 40 back to back consultations  over the two day event. It was the first time I met Staness and she  is beautiful, warm and super smart.  Her site always the latest info on woman’s health issues and its facts you can trust.

And when you’ve clicked through all the great Fashion Flash sites,  check out The Flat Belly Book by Liz Vaccariello who  is editor-in-chief of Prevention magazine. This best selling diet book offers nutritional dvice to reduce  belly fat.  All good, but what I like about this eating plan is the emphasis on fats like linoleic acid– the fat  linked to reduced  levels of wrinkles.  People who had diets higher in linoleic acid (found in nuts and avocodos) had fewer and later signs of skin aging.  The book is packed with nutrional tips and strategies.   For example it offers a uique 4 day anti-bloat  diet that is a wonderful way to have a flat belly on those occasions (  high school reunions, first  date)  when you want to look especially spectacular.  I tried the diet when I realized that  a new dress bought for a conference dinner  pulled around my tummy when I sat down. The anti-bloat diet worked beautifully  and I didn’t have to fall back on my black “fat” dress.

And I think its recipe for Sassy water ( a blend of  ginger, lemon and cucumber) is worth the price of the book.  Calorie and caffeine free, Sassy water offers delicious hydration and anti0xidants  that you can sip on all day.   I’ve started to keep a pitcher of it in my fridge.

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Question:  Do  Botox  creams really work?

Answer:  Its sounds  like  a back room  beauty product– Botox in a gel that  you simply  apply  to the skin.  But its really happening.  A true  Botox  topical gel is  deep in clinical trials and results are very encouraging.   The gel is applied to  the skin  by a physician and delievers about 25% of the impact of a Botox injection.  According to Reverance Therapeutics which is developing the gel, more than 200 patients have been treated with it and it  has been shown to be both safe and effective.   It will be approved for treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and offer  a reasonable  option for those of  us who cringe at  injections. I’ve heard that the price  for applications will be  significantly less than true Botox, about $150/treatment. 

However keep in mind  that  you won’t be able to use it at home.  Every application will have to be done in a doctor’s office.  Its still in clinical trials and probably won’t be available for another year.  But its very nice to know its coming.

Currently there are a number of  existing  products that claim to  have Botox-like effects.  They often contain  ingredients  like argireline  which  is supposed to inhibit a unique protein in the cells that sends  signals from nerves to muscles.  At least that’s the way its supposed to work.  Most experts  are not impressed with the results and I am going to wait  for the real thing.

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My aunt and uncle were true believers.  Every morning they would open a tackle box  filled with rainbow colored pills and capsules.  They took so  many supplements that their holistic physician urged them to cut back.   They ignored him and   were healthy and active until their late 80’s. Even  as she reached 90, my aunt looked lovely with a  thick hair and bright blue eyes.

Watching them dip and swoop about their box of pills  turned me off vitamin supplements, but I couldn’t argue with success– so I hedged my  nutritional bet with a  daily  multi-vitamin.  I was careful to choose  supplements that stayed within recommended limits.  Smugly I felt I had gamed the odds.  I covered my basic nutritional needs, but I didn’t risk excessive levels. My little red multi-vitamin gave me a nice sense of security.

Now, not one but two new studies found that  daily vitamin supplements were  linked  to an increase in cancer.   Researchers at the University of Minnesota tracked 38,000 women over 18 years in  still ongoing study called the Iowa Woman’s Health Study.  The women were over 60  when they started to report on their daily vitamin  supplement use. The results?  Not only did the supplements fail to protect against disease, the real shocker was that they were linked  to a 2.5% increased mortality.  Not good news.

The second study  by the  National Cancer Institute looked at the impact of vitamin E on risks of prostate cancer.  It had been assumed that vitamin E reduced the risk of prostate cancer, but things didn’t work  out as planned.  The ten year study found that men who took vitamin E had a 17% increase in prostate cancer.  Now I don’t even  have a prostate, but I’ve been taking  it for supposed cardiac benefits.  Should I be worried?

Do you take vitamin supplements?  Do these studies worry  you?  And what about all  the vitamins  that are in anti-aging creams? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She recently  threw down a challenge to  the  rest of rest of us to join her in a structured fitness program.  Jojami  of Fabulous After 40  took  it on and  has posted a video clip  of her progress.  We were together at Beauty Bash and she looked  amazing. But  even more impresive was her stamina.   After six hours   on her feet at the Fabulous After 40 booth, she was still bright and bubbly– and in  4 inch heels!  

And when you have  checked out all the linked posts on Fashion Flash, go back to Fabulous After 40  and click  on The Ultimate Cure for the Dysfunctional Closet DVD from Jojami.  I thought I had my clothes under control, but  Jojami is a closet grand master.  She takes you through   cleaning out  the content,  buying the right tools, and how to put  it all back.  The Ultimate Cure for the Dysfunctional Closet is an extremely well done video– funny, well edited and with great energy.  I’m not surprised since   Jojami has been connected to  media since childhood.  Her  dad is actor James Best  who was a fixture  on TV westerns in the fifties and on The Dukes of Hazzard.

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