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Fashion Flash Monday!

Today the hosts  of Fashion Flash are the Glam Gals of  Fabulous After 40. They are, hands down, the best stylists I have ever met.  While other fashion experts oh and ah over  runway looks that you will never   ever wear, the Glam Gals  explain how to look beautiful  wearing real clothes for real women.  In a recent post, they  advised a reader  on ways to look good while taking her kids to the park.  Their  dead -on suggestions like  a striped sweater, red flats  or a simple sundress  are  widely available perfect   choices for a busy Mom.  Their archives offer great advice on  dressing beautifully for every body type and occasion. I’ve gotten into the habit of checking  out their posts  before I go shopping for clothes.


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It sounds like something  that you would see on the Sci-Fi Channel.  Injections of fat and stem cells  are “harvested” from your butt and love  handles and injected into areas of your face that need rejuvenation.  Not only does the fat fill out  areas that lost volume (eg cheecks and under eye hollows) the adult stem cells are supposed to generate  healthy new collagen.  Really?

Here’s how its done.  Fat is extracted from your body and is processed with chemicals or lasers to concentrate the stem cells– in  a process that is news to the FDA.   Then  this stuff is injected into the face. You can see immediate resuts from the fat while the new collagen growth is supposed to show firmer skin over the next few months.   

Does the stem  cell face lift work?  According to just about every expert, the stem cell facelift is not a facelift  nor does it contain effective stem cells.  The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons all warn consumers to stay away, far away from this procedure.

And one final point.  Injections of fat, also known as fat grafts, are an FDA approved method of restoring volume.  But stem cell enhanced fat grafts have stretched a generally  approved procedure well past its generally accepted limits.

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Fashion Flash #5

This week the host for Fashion Flash is Female Fat Loss Over Forty.   I care about credentials and Shawna Kaminski has an impressive fitness background.  In addition to a bachelors degree  in Kinesiology and 20 years as a PE instructor  she   has been a personal trainer, competitive swimmer and  award  winning  kick boxer and body builder.  When I  read her exercise advice I know its  the real thing.  Not only is exercise essential for good health, it has a major impact on  beauty in two ways.  Daily exercise stimulates circulation which in turn promotes the development of strong new collagen.  In addition exercise  reduces stress which is a major beauty buster.  Check out Female Fat Loss Over Forty to read the right way to exercise.

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Did I Overdose with Vitamin A?

I was surprised to learn that vitamin A levels were not linked with  younger looking skin.  After all isn’t Retin A  a form of vitamin A?  But I was SHOCKED  to discover that my favorite multi-vitamin from Duane Reade had 5000IU of vitamin A, 3X the RDA.  Before I made a hysterical call to poison control, I looked at the label more closely.

The vitamin A in the pill was in the form of beta-carotene which the body then converts to Retin A.  And  here’s  the cool thing– the body converts only makes as much as it needs.  The National Cancer Institute recommends 6000IU of daily carotene which is equal to 1000 IU of vitamin A.   This means that my daily multi meets daily needs with a little room  left for  food sources.  Nice job!

In addition to shape shifting to vitamin A, beta carotene  has benefits all its own.  As an antioxidant some studies link it to lower risks of cancers.  Look over the chart  to estimate your beta-carotene levels.  You can actually  take in too much which will give  your skin an orange glow.   Most  of us  are not likely to OD on liver and lettuce, but lots of daily dieters  nibble constantly on raw carrots.  Did that happen to anyone?  How  many carrots were you eating?

Best Sources of Beta-Carotene (Per half cup)

*Carrots — 8,000 IU

* Sweet potatoes– 5,000IU

* Red Bell Peppers– 3800IU

* Spinach ———-3800IU

*Butternut Squash-3200IU

* Kale —————3100IU

* Frozen Mixed Vegetabes- 2500IU

* Cantaloupe——–2,000IU

* Mango————-1800IU

* Cabbage———–1000IU

* Dark Green Lettuce- 910IU


* Broccoli———–575IU

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I was  thrilled with the effects of the Zoom teeth  whitening.  Admiring my gleaming white  teeth in the  mirror of my dentists waiting room, another patient  ageed they looked great, adding ”  It   makes your overbite less noticeable.”  I have an overbite?  I knew that  my teeth flared out a bit, but was it  that  bad?

Growing up,  money was tight for my writer father and artist mother.  Instead of fully tricked out braces, I had a bite plate with wires that were tightened  every so often. In later years,  I  had thought about getting real braces, but  I didn’t want to walk around with a mouth of metal as an adult. 

The  night after my Zoom treatment, I saw an ad for a new  tooth straightening technique called Invisalign.  I knew my amazing dentist offered this technique so I decided to explore my options.  Invisalign uses plastic forms that fit very tightly over the teeth. As the teeth move back, new forms are made  to keep  up the pressure on the teeth.  Since they are the same type of form used in bleaching trays, I  knew I could handle them. Even better, the  forms are practically invisable and don’t interfere with talking.  Time extimates vary from 12-18 months and costs depend on  how long treatment is needed. I’m starting next week by getting a mold of my teeth to see  what needs to be done. Getting braces at my  age  makes me feel like I’m back in high school.  Maybe this time, the  hottest guy  in the school will  deveop a  huge painful crush on me.

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Judith’s   hands  healed rapidly after her  IPL treatment. On Day One ( top left) the freckles  looked a bit red, but were not painful. Other than a sunscreen, Judith  did not need  to put anything on them   or to wear a bandage. Over the next week (bottom left )  her hand   developed  numerous  small brown spots which were exploded freckles. These   soon rubbed off  revealing  fresh new skin. The bigger freckles developed  crusted  over, which then   fell off to reveal  pale  spots.  After three weeks( bottom right) her  hands  had a  brighter, softer surface with just a few freckles that were much lighter than  before. 

And as an additional bonus, IPL  took care of the fine  lines   which made  her hands fresh and young.  Dr Lefkovits  has scheduled another visit  to totally erase the  remaining  shadows of the old freckles.

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This   week Fashion Flash is hosted by The Shoe Dish – an incredible site devoted to footwear.  Now I like to think I have a black belt in shopping, but The Shoe Dish introduced me to  new styles and brands that I never knew existed.  For example, on The Shoe Dish I found a pair of back kitten heel D’orsay pumps that were as comfortable as they were sexy.  Wore them last week to a reception and it was the first time in years I didn’t limp home.

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